2018 Club Tournament





2017 Club Tournament

Ladies Singles

Ladies Doubles

Men’s Singles

Men's Doubles

Mixed Doubles

Scheduled match's will be sent via EMAIL from the tournament convener and posted on our Calendar.

Tournament Convener: LAURIE FLETCHER

 tournament@sbtennis.org OR Cell: 416-301-3683 (call or text)


Mens Singles                Monday, August 28  to  Sunday, September 10th

Ladies Singles              Monday, August 28  to  Sunday, September 10th

Ladies Doubles             Monday, August 28  to  Sunday, September 10th

Mens Doubles               Wednesday Sept 6 through Sunday Sept 24

Mixed Doubles              Wednesday Sept 6 through Sunday Sept 24

Entry Fee:  $5.00 per person/team

*We will have multiple Final Days as many people play in multiple events. You must be available to play throughout the duration of your chosen event.

  • Matches will be scheduled by the tournament convenor and posted to our tournament calendar.
  • Players/teams will ONLY be free to schedule their own matches prior to the game/date/time that is provided by convener. If you do not play by the provided date the match will be forfeited.
    • This is being implemented as to not hold up other rounds of the divisions
  • If you do change your game time to an earlier schedule, you must notify the convener ahead of time so there are no overlaps in scheduling and of course our members love to watch the match’s.
  •  Match’s will be posted to our website: https://sbtennis.org/s3/index.php/events/calendar/month.calendar
  • Each player or team must bring a can of new balls to each match.
    • The winning player/team will take the un-open can as they move on.
  • Depending on head counts per division, consolation rounds may be available
  • Tournament Format: Best of 3 sets (in event of tie breakers: first to 7 winning by 2)
  • Tournament follows the laws of the game published by Canadian Tennis Federation


Best of All Have Fun! Good Luck


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