2018 Adult Competitive Teams

These are the players who captured positions on the teams. 

Intercounty B STF A2 (#1) STF A2 (#2) STF B2 STF C1 (TBA)
Laurie Fletcher Melissa Gomes Laurie Fletcher Angie Brown  
Thi Ho Thi Ho Leah Mowers Linda Elliot  
Leah Mowers Carolyn Richardson  Madison Punch Louise Merenda  
Melinda Proudfoot Sue Scharlach Lorna Quigley Nora Roberts  
Carolyn Richardson Diane Torlone Brenda Young Janice Small  
Carolyn Sadler Evaristo Abreo Amanda Yang (sub) Ron Dolmer  
Melissa Gomes (sub) Mario Alfarero Linda Yang (sub) Terry Giancroce  
Stewart Burns Troy Duong Jerry Chow Albert Humber  
Jerry Chow Brad Lingeman Carman Ciciretto Ian Hughes  

Troy Duong

Mark Sanderson Kristian Gravelle John Moralde  
David Leung Mike Sanderson Mark Outram Doug Ramsay  
John Moralde John Wong  Ben Pukal Colin Steinmetz
Mark Sanderson Stewart Burns (sub)   Steve Jones (sub)  
Mike Sanderson  Mike Moran (sub)   Meharab Mostafa (sub)  
Henry Tomsing      
Ron Wilson        
Mario Alfarero (sub)        
Mark Outram (sub)        
Ben Pukal (sub)        

Doug Sanderson (sub)

Inter-County Tennis Mixed League (IC)

Evening league – 3 courts used  7-11pm  May to August

2018 Division B – Captain is Thi Ho 

Scarborough Tennis Federation League (STF)

Evening league – 3 courts used  7-11pm  May to August 
2018  -  A2   Captain: Carolyn Richardson 

2018   - B2   Captain: Ron Dolmer 

2018   - C1   Co-Captains: Berni Glover and Joni Meulendyk 

Toronto Ladies Tennis League (TLTL)

Daytime league – 3 courts used  10am start  May and June.
2018 – B1  Captain: Linda Elliot

Please contact me if you have any questions..

Looking forward to a great season and to seeing all of you on the courts!

Carolyn Richardson