2018 Competitive Teams - Tryouts for the 4 adult STF & 1 Inter-county adult teams is Saturday April 21st (rain date April 22nd). 



Both the Intercounty and STF leagues started the week of May 8th. The STF and Intercounty schedules
are posted.  In case you're new to the competitive teams or cannot recall which night you play on,
here is a refresher:
• Intercounty A - Thursday nights
• STF A2 - Wednesday nights
• STF B1 + B2 - Thursday nights
• STF C1 - Tuesday nights

These are the players who captured positions on the teams. 

Intercounty A STF A2 STF B1 STF B2 STF C1
Colin Doll Evaristo Abreo Captain, Janice Small Nora Ashford Paul Ambos
Stewart Burns Troy Doung Carman Ciciretto Ron Dolmer Berni Glover
Troy Duong Banuji Guneratna Rob Dies Matthew Dudziak Erin Hart
Sue Foster Jason Jinman Laurie Fletcher Kristian Gravelle Ian Hughes
Thi Ho Mike Moran Ben Pukal Stephen Harper Sai Kartik
Jason Jinman Melinda Proudfoot Lorna Quigley Steve Jones Sebastian Labayen
David Leung Carolyn Richardson Doug Sanderson Louise Merenda Diane Lee
Carolyn Richardson Jean Salvas Mark Sanderson Madison Punch Joni Meulendyk
Carolyn Sadler Mike Sanderson Becky Scott Meharab Mostafa Jandric Miljenco
Jean Salvas Sue Scharlach Henry Tom Sing Jonathan Chan Tom Sunsrangjaroen
Mike Sanderson    Jerry Chow Elaine Wong Kalli Pappa
Sue Scharlach Diane Torlone  
  John Wong Doug Ramsay (spare) Sami Guirguis (spare) Gisele Bizier (spare)
Delmar Snagg   Anselmo Ruelas (spare) Meg Fletcher (spare) Fred Paradie (spare)
Diane Torlone  Thi Ho (spare)  Doug Sanderson (spare)    Kevin Im (spare)
John Wong    Claudia Alverez (spare)    
Ron Wilson    Linda Elliot (spare)    
Laurie Fletcher (sub)    Linda Yang (spare)    
Melinda Proudfoot (sub)        

Please contact me if you have any questions..
Looking forward to a great season and to seeing all of you on the courts!

Carolyn Richardson
STF Convenor
(416) 919- 9693

Inter-County Tennis Mixed League (IC)

Evening league – 3 courts used  7-11pm  May to August
2017 Division A – East   Captain: Gary Kofoed   email50

Scarborough Tennis Federation League (STF)

Evening league – 3 courts used  7-11pm  May to August
2017  -  A2   Captain: Carolyn Richardson  email50
         -  B1   Captain: Janice Small   email50
         -  B2   Captain: Kristian Gravelle email50
         -  C1   Co-Captains: Berni Glover    email50
                                       Joni Meulendyk   email50

Toronto Ladies Tennis League (TLTL)

Daytime league – 3 courts used  10am start  May and June.
Website – http://tltl.org
2017 – B1  Captain: Elaine Wong

Players: Amanda Yang, Co-captain, Linda Elliott, Laurie Fletcher, Meg Fletcher, Thi Ho, Erin Moore, Madison Punch, Lorna Quigley, Becky Scott, Janice Small, Linda Yang.  email50

For additional information on Adult Competitive Teams, please contact:

Competitive Team Convenor, Carolyn Richardson  email50.