Wall of Fame

Our Most Dedicated Member - Olivia Gibbins (1921-2017)

(written by Banuji Guneratna; updated by Meg Fletcher in 2017)

Olivia2013 1 250 Olivia Gibbins was a member of the Club, even before it was a ‘Club’! She, along with a group of avid tennis players enjoyed playing the game since 1949 on courts 1 and 2, clay courts. They were known as The Bluffers. Olivia, and many of the Bluffers formed The Scarborough Tennis Club in 1951.
Subsequently, Olivia volunteered on the Executive as the President, and in other positions. In 1959, she was honoured by the Scarborough Recreation and Parks Commission with a Citation for her efforts and accomplishments in promoting the game of Tennis.
Olivia was also involved in starting The Scarborough Tennis Federation. The Federation was comprised of three Clubs: Heron Park Tennis Club, MacGregor Tennis Club, and the Scarborough Tennis Club. This involved working with the Borough of Scarborough and the other two Clubs.
Olivia was also a highly skilled player. She won many Single Championships at the Club, and at the Scarborough and the Ontario regional competitions. Just take a look at the picture. Those trophies are all hers. Her one disappointment was never winning a Ladies Doubles tournament. As Olivia put it “I was always a bridesmaid”. Her Ladies Doubles partner remained her very good friend to the end. In 2004, the Club changed this disappointment. The existing Ladies Doubles trophy needed to be replaced. Olivia kindly donated a new Olivia Gibbins Ladies Doubles trophy and was able to present it herself that year.

TPA Excellence Awards - Tennis Canada/TPA

Every year, the Tennis Professionals Association awards tennis professionals across Canada, Excellence Awards to recognize outstanding contributions to the sport of tennis.  In 2013, we are very honoured to say that Sharon Arnold was selected to receive the TPA Service to the Game award from all the nominees across our nation.  This award is presented to a coach, professional, community leader who provides leadership, excellence and dedication to tennis in Canada.  Her years of service include her contributions to SBTC (running a very successful junior program), OTA (holding various positions on the Council and the Board of Directors as Secretary, Treasurer, Education Committee Chair for over 20 years) and her dedication to the Doug Philpott Inner City Children's Foundation (Chair of the Program Committee and Board of Directors).  She was a vital part of developing the first teaching manuals to be used by physical education teachers in schools.  Sharon we are very proud and fortunate to have you at SBTC.  Congratulations!

Distinguished Services Awards - Ontario Tennis Association

Every year, the OTA awards Distinguished Service Award(s) to individuals who have gone above and beyond in their contributions to helping grow the sport of tennis.  We are very proud that two of our own SBTC members have been recognized for their contributions, efforts and commitment to the tennis community over the years.  Their contributions to tennis have been limitless.  They have dedicated endless hours volunteering at various capacities and provided their expertise whenever called upon.  They are always looking for ways to make this sport we all love so much, convenient for all to participate in and they both have a true love for tennis!  Here are the articles for Sharon Arnold (2004) and Meg Fletcher (2012) as published by the OTA).  Congratulations Sharon & Meg!
CLICK HERE for the article on Sharon Arnold (Sharon Arnold - Article published by OTA in 2004).
CLICK HERE for the article on Meg Fletcher (Meg Fletcher - Article published by OTA in 2012).

SharonArnold2 164 Meg 2012 1 160
Sharon with Ari Novick Meg with Jim Boyce & Scott Fraser

"Once In A Lifetime Opportunity" - Painting of Elizabeth II by Philip Richards

(written by Banuji Guneratna)

I had the opportunity to sit down with Philip Richards (referred to as Phil by his friends) and talk about his commission to paint the official Diamond Jubilee portrait of Queen Elizabeth II for the Government of Canada. Portrait Phil 6 250 He felt that he had received the chance of a lifetime when he received the unexpected invitation to submit a portfolio of several pieces of his work to be presented to Queen Elizabeth II.  It would be Her Majesty who would make the final decision on the Canadian painter who would be selected to paint the portrait for her Diamond Jubilee.  Having been selected from a long list of reputable Canadian portrait artists he was so happy to have the opportunity when Her Majesty, the Queen picked him.  He had always wanted to paint the Queen, but he couldn't imagine how it could ever come about as he was not a citizen of the United Kingdom.  He had received a letter from the Queen, after the last maquette he had shown her, through her secretary stating that she was greatly impressed with all the preparatory work, giving him the green light to go ahead and finish the project.  He describes the experience as "a lot of fun", and his most memorable moment was the unveiling at Buckingham Palace during which he was eager to see the Queen's reaction.  He thought "Oh no, I hope she likes it....." when the Queen pulled the drape and looked at it silently for a while.  Then the Queen spoke to Phil first, among many dignitaries and said, "Phillip, you've changed this a lot since I last saw it", and he thought it very gracious of her to speak with him first.  It meant a lot!  He found it amazing that she remembered the little details in his earlier version.  She wanted to know where Phil had signed the painting and commented that she thought the painting was "grand and marvelous".